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Privacy Policy


Islamic Technology Mission just gathers extremely essential data from every one of our clients and it does exclude any private data. The data we accumulate is just for working on your experience and giving you better forms of our elements. This data won't save money on any server and neither be given or deal to anybody.

1.1 General information and permissions:

General information is collected from users. The permissions we take are for the improvement of features of the app. They are:
Personal information i.e. email, phone number, username & gender.
Media storage (photo gallery) permission is required for sharing translations of Quran and for sharing Gallery images.
Device information is collected in order to have better insights into the crashes observed by users.
Push notification requires Device identifiers so we also collect that.
Can the permissions be changed later?
Yes, every sort of permission can be changed by every user by going into your Device’s settings.

1.2 App analytics:

To know the statistics of a number of users with the parameters of region and device (model), we collect app analytics through Firebase(Google). We also use the same methodology to figure out the crashes occurrence.

2. How your information is used

We save user’s preferences about notifications and other things on the local (smartphone) and not on the server so no issues related to security of user’s preferences are faced.

3. Who gets your information?

We don’t have any user information to share with any social media platform. We have a strict policy for that. Different statistics number of install, views and so on are used for marketing purpose which is available on Firebase or Google. We do not share them with any 3rd party vendor or user or anyone.

4. Third Party websites and services:

We have no control over any website or service that uses our name without permissions and legal way. We have no platform other than,iPhone and Android app. Using any other website or app using our name does not lie under our privacy policy.

5. Contact Us:

In case of any questions regarding Privacy policy or any other matter, we are easily reachable at

6. Privacy policy changes:

In case of any new feature or content or permission, Islamic Technology mission has the right to change the privacy policy and users are highly requested to overview it from time to time.